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American Land Title Association
1800 M Street, NW, Suite 300S
Washington, D.C. 20036-5828

Phone: 202-296-3671 or 800-787-ALTA
Fax: 202-223-5843 or 888-FAX-ALTA

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Chief Executive Officer

Diane Tomb

Direct: 202-261-2939
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 218
Contact Me About: ALTA Policy
Committee Liaison: Board of Governors

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ALTA Professional Team

Director of Information Systems & Technology

Amanuel Abebe

Direct: 202-261-2947
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 235
Contact Me About: ALTA Database, ALTA Technology & Support, Website

Manager of Research and Governance Documents

Kiki Adams

Direct: 202-261-2930
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 247
Contact Me About: Industry Research and Data, Research & Analytics Committee
Committee Liaison: Research & Analytics Committee

Education Coordinator

Gabrielle Blair

Direct: 202-261-0307
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 330
Contact Me About: Education Products, NTP Designation, Online Courses, Continuing Education

Vice President of Government Affairs

Elizabeth Blosser

Direct: 202-261-0310
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 212
Contact Me About: Grassroots Advocacy, PRIA, State Government Affairs, Title Action Network (TAN)
Committee Liaison: Data Privacy Task Force, Data Privacy Work Group, Digital Closing Task Force, Digital Closing Work Group, Digital Process Impact Work Group, State Legislative/Regulatory Action Committee

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Director of Federal Government Affairs

Kevin Cameron

Direct: 202-231-0318
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 213
Contact Me About: State Government Affairs
Committee Liaison: Government Affairs Committee, Native American Lands Work Group

State Government Affairs Manager

Caroline Cone

Direct: 202-261-0300
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 300
Contact Me About: State Government Affairs
Committee Liaison: PRIA Liaison Work Group

Office Administrator / Intern Coordinator

Jill Foster

Direct: 202-296-3671
Contact Me About: General Inquiries

Associate Counsel & Senior Director of Products

Steven Gold

Direct: 202-261-0317
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 226
Contact Me About: ALTA Standard Policy Forms, ALTA/NSPS Land Surveys, Online Store & Products, Publications
Committee Liaison: ALTA/NSPS Land Survey Work Group, Best Practices Executive Committee, Best Practices Work Group, Existing Forms Subcommittee, FlexMod Subcommittee, Forms Committee, Operative Law Subcommittee, Style Subcommittee

General Counsel

Steve Gottheim

Direct: 202-261-2943
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 230
Contact Me About: ALTA Best Practices, Federal Legislation, Federal Regulation, Legal Issues
Committee Liaison: Accounting Council, ALTA Amicus Committee, NAIC Liaison Work Group, Our Values Work Group, Title Counsel Work Group, Underwriter Section Executive Committee

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Accounting Assistant

Trina Green

Direct: 202-261-0303
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 222
Contact Me About: Accounting & Finance

Senior Director of Professional Development

Deirdre Green

Direct: 202-261-2931
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 232
Contact Me About: Call for Faculty, Education Products, NTP Designation, Online Courses, ALTA Good Deeds Foundation
Committee Liaison: Education Committee, National Title Professional Program Council, Talent Committee

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Megan Hernandez

Direct: 202-261-0315
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 240
Contact Me About: Marketing, Media Liaison, Public Relations
Committee Liaison: Marketing Work Group

Director of Accounting & Financial Reporting

Jowanda Hipp

Direct: 202-261-0301
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 219
Contact Me About: Accounting & Finance

Chief Operating Officer

Cornelia M. Horner CMP

Direct: 202-261-2941
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 234
Contact Me About: Marketing, Meetings, Membership
Committee Liaison: Abst. & Title Ins. Agents Sec. Exec., Association Audit Committee, Association Business Steering Committee, Board of Governors, Finance Committee, Internal Auditing Council, Investment Committee

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Senior Meetings Coordinator

Sally E Lynn

Direct: 202-261-2940
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 227
Contact Me About: Meetings

ALTA Registry Director

Paul Martin

Direct: 202-261-0319
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 239
Contact Me About: ALTA Registry, MISMO
Committee Liaison: ALTA Registry Committee, MISMO Liaison Work Group

Chief People Officer

Theresa McDermott

Direct: 202-261-2949
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 329
Contact Me About: Human Resources

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Meetings Manager

Emily Mincey

Direct: 202-261-0306
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 306
Contact Me About: Meetings

Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Chief Advocacy Officer

Christopher Morton

Direct: 202-261-2937
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 215
Contact Me About: Federal Legislation, Federal Regulation, NAIC
Committee Liaison: Public Affairs Steering Committee

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IT Manager

Felix Nguyen

Direct: 202-261-0311
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 211
Contact Me About: ALTA Technology & Support

Executive Scheduler

Deidre Paige

Direct: 202-261-2932
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 221
Contact Me About: ALTA Administration, ALTA Leadership Team, General Inquiries

Product Manager

Carolina Perez

Direct: 202-261-0309
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 238
Contact Me About: Online Store & Products, Publications, Elite Provider Program

Federal Government Affairs Manager

Alex Redle

Direct: 202-261-2942
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 942
Contact Me About: Federal Policy Issues
Committee Liaison: Native American Lands Work Group

Web Development and Data Manager

Nelson Riches

Direct: 202-261-2696
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 696
Contact Me About: Website, AMS/CRM

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Kelly Lyn Romeo CAE

Direct: 202-261-2948
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 224
Contact Me About: ALTA Database, ALTA Technology & Support, ALTA Registry, ALTA Standard Policy Forms, ALTA/NSPS Land Surveys, Education Products
Committee Liaison: Bylaws Committee, Industry Business Steering Committee, Information Security Work Group

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Director of Grassroots & Political Affairs

Leah Shimp Vass

Direct: 202-261-2935
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 233
Contact Me About: Title Industry Political Action Committee (TIPAC), Congressional Liaisons, Title Action Network (TAN)
Committee Liaison: Congressional Liaisons Committee, Title Action Network Committee, Title Industry Political Action Committee

Senior Director of Member Engagement & Development

Taylor A. Spolidoro

Direct: 202-261-2944
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 231
Contact Me About: Committee Service, Membership, Online Communities
Committee Liaison: DEI Advisory Council, Membership Committee

Membership and Licensing Manager

John Sullivan

Direct: 202-261-0312
Contact Me About: Membership, Membership Dues, Membership Renewals

Director of Digital & Print Media

Shawn Sullivan

Direct: 202-261-2936
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 327
Contact Me About: Advertising, TitleNews Magazine, Website
Committee Liaison: Homeowner Outreach Program Work Group

Vice President of Government Affairs

Emily Tryon

Direct: 202-261-0313
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 241
Contact Me About: Federal Legislation
Committee Liaison: GAC, Steering Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Native American Lands Work Group

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Senior Director of Meetings

Lauren Yarbrough

Direct: 202-261-2945
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 229
Contact Me About: Meetings

Vice President of Communications

Jeremy Yohe

Direct: 202-261-2938
Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 328
Contact Me About: Media Liaison, Public Relations, TitleNews Magazine, Website

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