ALTA is the title insurance and settlements services premier resource for advocacy, education, communication and networking—Title Agents, Underwriters, Real Estate Attorneys, and Policy Form License Holders—ALTA is committed to your professional development. By becoming a member of ALTA, not only do you strengthen the industry’s future, you gain access to valuable resources to help your company differentiate itself in the market. Check out our Member Benefits Guide to see all the services available as an ALTA Member.

ALTA Full Membership Options

Active Membership

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Active membership is restricted to business entities that are legally qualified to engage in the business of land title evidencing as an abstracter, title insurance agent or title insurance underwriter. Active members may vote in Association elections and hold committee and elected positions.


Associate Membership

Associate Member dues are $460

Associate membership is reserved for those people or firms engaged in providing services to the land title industry.


Emeritus Membership

Emeritus Membership Dues are $115

This class of membership is open to retired members of the title industry, provided that they are not eligible for any other type of membership.


Real Estate Attorney Membership

Real Estate Attorney dues are $250

The attorney membership is designed to specifically meet the needs of individual real estate attorneys, these individual attorneys do not primarily engage in the business of land title evidencing.


Renew Your ALTA Membership

As soon as your renewal application is received, it will take 3-5 business days for processing. You will then receive a packet with your company's License and membership certificate. Your company's 7 digit ALTA ID number will be displayed on your membership certificate. All employees at your company are attached to this ID number, and have their own individual login information to access the website. If you have additional employees from your company that you would like to add, you will be able to do so at the end of the renewal process.

If you are a TIAC Member and wish to renew, please renew here.

In order to renew online you must log in as the primary contact for your company. If you are unsure if you are the primary contact or need help accessing your account, please contact the ALTA Membership Department at 800-787-2582 x228 or email

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You may already have a login if you are a past member, Policy Forms licensee or meeting attendee. Please use the password reminder or contact the ALTA Membership Department at 800-787-2582 x228 or email

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Please use this to calculate your company's dues for membership. Membership dues are based off your gross revenue for the previous year. Gross revenue includes any fees earned during the preceding calendar year for abstracting, searching and examination of titles, premiums written for insurance and fees earned in escrow, settlement and closing services during said period, plus that portion of the premiums for insurance which is retained by the agent of remitted to it by the insurer.

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Installment Payments

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Round to the nearest dollar. If calculating dues for this calendar year, use last year's gross revenue. If calculating dues for next calendar year, use a best estimate.

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License Requirements for Agents Who are Not Members

Policy Forms License Holder

You will have basic access to ALTA's online Policy Forms library. This is NOT considered an ALTA Membership. You can join ALTA and the license is included in membership

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Occasional Use Waiver

The waiver is only applicable if your agency wrote title insurance on 50 or fewer transactions during the previous calendar year. This is NOT considered an ALTA Membership.

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