Demonstrating Compliance

Use these helpful tools to share your ALTA Best Practices compliance achievements with lenders and other third parties.

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  • Reports from a Certification Specialist
    **This information is intended to be informational only**

    Based on the lender's vendor management policies and guidelines, a company may be asked to engage a third party certification specialist to issue a report to support the company's self assessment results. Please consult with your lender partners before electing to engage a certification specialist to perform an assessment of your compliance with the Best Practices standards. In choosing a certification specialist to conduct a Best Practices assessment of your company, you should be sure to select a third party who is acceptable to your lender partners and will produce a report that will provide adequate assurance to your lender partners.

    ALTA does not issue any Best Practices assessment reports or certifications, nor does ALTA review any reports produced by companies themselves or third parties. ALTA does not have a list of preferred vendors or third party assessment companies. You should select a certification specialist that will best fit the needs of your company.