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The Value of Title Insurance in 2020
Forbes | March 19, 2020

One area where we are seeing rapid transformation is in real estate. Over the last few years, we have reimagined how we find properties, obtain financing, get to the closing table and even move into our new property. When it comes to title insurance, all these new innovative factors will affect how a property is insured in 2020 and beyond. ALTA member Andrew Zankel explains what title insurance is, why it's necessary and how it protects homebuyers.

How Do I Find My Property Lines?
Yahoo Finance | March 19, 2020
In most official cases, having a new survey done is the way to go. "Let's say, for example, you want to build a swimming pool, and you're not 100% sure where that easement is. You could have a new survey done," explains Cynthia Durham Blair, a residential real estate closing attorney based in Columbia, South Carolina, and past-president of the American Land Title Association.