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Bogus title transfer clouds Petco ownership
San Diego Tribune  |  December 31, 2015
With many wondering whether the Chargers are leaving Qualcomm Stadium for Los Angeles, San Diego’s other major sports venue — Petco Park — has become the subject of a bizarre ownership controversy sparked by a mentally ill man who filed a simple document.
5 Home-Buying Nightmares Your Title Insurance Could Prevent
December 2, 2015
Imagine that you have found your dream home. Your offer is accepted, you close the deal, you move in. Then, just as you’ve started to make the house your own, the mail carrier delivers news that turns your world upside down: There was a lien against a previous owner, and now it’s been passed on to you.
Pennsylvania Home Sold at Sheriff's Sale by Mistake
November 19, 2015
Rebecca Kauer was happy with the row home she bought at a sheriff's sale. It looked to be a nice addition to her real estate portfolio. It also was too good to be true. Not long after the sale, Kauer was told the home was sold a week earlier. This is a prime example of why consumers should purchase an owner's title insurance policy. Phil Janny NTP, of the law firm Plunkett and Graver, said that at a minimum, the public record would have been searched, the tax certifications would have been ordered and the tax lien “would and should” have been discovered by the title searcher. At that point, the prudent title agent would have inquired as to the status of the tax lien and “smelled” it out before closing on the property. This case highlights the importance of doing a proper property search, knowing what to do when a lien is filed and knowing what steps to take in order to cure and assess the risk of insuring the property based on the local records. "This reflects clearly that the various offices in local courthouses don’t always know what the other offices are doing, hence the real reason for following statutorily the process of perfecting liens and going through sheriff sales. Sometimes, as simple as a transaction seems, what we do is not simple. There are many factors that need to be searched, checked and double-checked in the process to insure title," Janny said.
Title Insurance an Essential Part of Your Home Purchase
September 24, 2015
Bill and Sue Jones were sitting down for dinner when there was a knock on their front door. Bill was surprised to find a process server at the front door who served him with legal papers. The Jones were being sued by the estate of William Black, who was claiming an ownership interest in their home. Bill and Sue were completely surprised because they bought their home from Bob Green, a real estate speculator, not from William Black. In fact, they had never heard of him.
Title Insurance: A Friend in Deed
June 4, 2015
There are titleholders in beauty pageants, spelling bees and boxing matches. But only one title matters when buying a home. ALTA President Diane Evans NTP and ALTA board member Dan Mennenoh provided information about the value an owner's title insurance policy.
Man Discovers Property Has Multiple Owners
April 16, 2015  |  KRGV (Texas)
An Edinburg man wants to know who built a horse arena and a playground on his property. County records show the deed history to his property is a mess.A total of five people have deeds to the property. The question is who is the actual owner and how did it happen? There is a simple solution that could have prevented this whole mess.Attorney Raul Mora wrote up most of the paperwork for the warranty deeds. The attorney said he is not responsible for the mess. All he did was write up the paper work for the warranty deed. Mora said this all could have been avoided if Hernandez filed for something called title insurance. He did not get the insurance.