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Title Insurance can Protect Homebuyers from Title Search Failings
The Washington Post  |  April 27, 2022

Homeowners should be aware of matters that affect the title to their homes. Generally speaking, most homeowners know that their home loan will show up on the title, but they rarely know what other information is available and how it is displayed.

Riverside County to Use First American Solution to Detect Discriminatory Covenants
April 26, 2022

The County of Riverside Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder’s office selected First American Data & Analytics CovenantGuard solution to help identify and redact unlawful discriminatory restrictive covenants in county recorded real estate documents.

Regulation of Title Fee Rates is Already Rigorous
HousingWire  |  April 19, 2022

Recently there have been misleading claims regarding the lack of conformity in title fees. Diane Tomb, CEO of ALTA, explains there is rigorous regulation of the title industry and federal disclosure requirements for all fees associated with obtaining a mortgage.

How to Choose a Title Company for Your Real Estate Closing
The Washington Post  |  April 12, 2022

Most people buy or sell only a few homes during their lifetime, so they’re not likely to have a title company to handle their closing on speed dial. While finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable lender and real estate agent are usually at the top of the list that professionals buyers and sellers seek, the closing company for the settlement is important, too.

Title Insurance Is Essential. Here’s Why
Real Trends  |  March 21, 2022

As we approach the beginning of home-buying season, with many buyers deciding on the purchase of their largest investment yet, title insurance is essential, giving homebuyers peace of mind and confidence that their property rights are protected.

Do I Really Need Title Insurance?
The Lima News  |  March 2, 2022

I have owned several homes and have refinanced my mortgage many times. Each time I purchase a home or refinance the mortgage, I pay for a title search and title insurance. I have never heard of anyone having an issue covered by title insurance. And if I pay someone to search my home’s title, why do I have to pay for insurance? 

We Tried to Sell Our House to Realize We Only Own Half the Yard – How to Avoid it Happening to You
The U.S. Sun  |  February 4, 2022

Rebecca and Joseph O'Connor had a potential buyer for their two-bedroom home in Wallingford, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. When the buyer's title company researched the property, it found the O'Connors home sits on two parcels of land. Rebecca told The Philadelphia Inquirer: “I felt kind of hopeless for a while."

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