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A company’s values are the cornerstone of its culture. They are the basis of how a business functions. They set you apart from the competition, make you unique and are essential to achieving an organization’s goals.

Our Values describe who we are as an industry—both what we do and how we do it. They encapsulate our promise to our customers.

  • We Lead: We are the authority in real estate transactions. We innovate for the benefit of our customers.
  • We Deliver: Our customers trust us to do the right thing, the right way—before, during and after the transaction. We sweat the small stuff to assure that land transfer is accurate, swift and secure.
  • We Protect: We protect the property rights of those we serve. We reduce risk so our customers have peace of mind.

To develop the values, ALTA spent more than a year listening to members to understand the pride they take in their work helping consumers close real estate transactions and protecting property rights. These conversations served as the foundation of Our Values and reflect the enduring, memorable and aspirational values of ALTA members.

Our Values Articles

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How to Effectively Hire Top Candidates With Storytelling
Business West  |  April 16, 2018  |  Henry DeVries
A tough challenge for many executives is convincing top talent to join their company. A second challenge is training newcomers to understand the company’s core values.
Encourage Your Team To Make Decisions Based On Values Rather Than Fear
Forbes  |  April 4, 2018  |  S. Chris Edmonds
You make decisions to keep yourself and your team comfortable. We all do it. It’s human nature. We all subconsciously protect ourselves from change because we fear that change will overwhelm and overcome us. But let me ask you ... Did you become an executive just so you could hide out? Click here to learn about ALTA’s Our Values initiative.
3 Ways to Stay True to Your Core Values While Scaling Your Brand
Alley Watch  |  March 23, 2018  |  Dustin White
It’s possible to scale your brand without compromising your core values. By listening to your team members and loyal customers and learning how other companies have handled the process, you can grow your company and keep its core values firmly in place.
Why Defining Your Core Brand Value and Values Is More Important Than You Think It Is
Business 2 Community  |  March 7, 2018  |  Chitraparna Sinha
Your brand value signifies the compass that guides your business to the north of its success. Put simply; they’re VERY important for your business. Now, the next logical question is – what does it take to define them and what do you do with that definition once you get them in place? Check out ALTA’s Our Values initiative, which can be used to help companies develop their own core values.
Seven Essential Steps Toward Building A Stronger Company Culture
Forbes  |  February 21, 2018  |  Micah Solomon
Whatever kind of company culture you're looking to create, here is a sequence of seven steps that can help you get there.
Ban These 5 Words From Your Corporate Values Statement
Harvard Business Review  |  February 5, 2018  |  Denise Lee Yohn
According to the Booz Allen Hamilton and Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program researchers, most corporations’ values incorporate similar words and ideas. 90% of them reference ethical behavior or use the word “integrity,” 88% mention commitment to customers, and 76% cite teamwork and trust. Read on for a list of words to scrub from your core values. ALTA developed the Our Values initiative, which serves as the industry’s cultural compass and highlight the universal core ideals ALTA members embrace.
The Need for Change Management
January 11, 2018
We live in an era of constant change. Nothing stays the same. Change comes in many forms. It could be a change in legislative or regulatory compliance (CFPB), or a change in your business process or policies (ALTA’s Best Practices), and it will most likely include a change in technology. The success of any business transition depends on leaders being able to influence others, such as your staff.
ALTA Advocacy Summit—the event formerly known as ALTA Federal Conference and Lobby Day—is the premier event that unites ALTA members with federal lawmakers to advance policies that affect American property rights. ALTA Advocacy Summit features round-table discussions and intimate forums on public policies regarding important topics such as title insurance, disclosure, mortgages and taxes.