The Title Webbie Awards program recognizes ALTA-member companies that have used their website and social media channels to help consumers learn about the benefits of title insurance. Awards are given to companies who have launched a new website, social media marketing campaign, blog or other digital media to help consumers learn about the benefits of title insurance.

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Title Webbie Categories

Only one nomination per entry is needed for the title webbie program. In the nomination form, you will check all sub-categories that apply.

Web and Mobile Sites

Consumer-facing Webpage
Professional-built site with one page dedicated to explaining the benefits of owner's title insurance to the consumer.

Education Site
Educational sites that promote consumer education about title insurance.

Consumer Blog
Corporate blogs that showcase to consumers and other settlement services colleagues the benefits of owner's title insurance


Business to Consumer
Original online video devoted to consumer education about title insurance

Video Blog/Commercial/Interview
Used as part of a social media campaign, can include original content/interview style or marketing videos

Podcast series dedicated to educating the consumer about the benefits of title insurance.

Online education content with the consumer as the audience

Advertising & Media

Branded Content
Content hubs, articles, or native programs that promote title insurance products, or services.

Digital Marketing
Traditional ad campaigns, Google Campaigns or SEO-generated promotions directed at the consumer.

Social Media Campaign
Best use of a social platform to create an experience for the promotion of title insurance. Platform agnostic

Advertising Campaigns
Digital advertising campaigns to promote B2B or B2C products and services to consumers should have consumer educational content

Previous Title Webbie Winners

A website homepage can say so much about a business and a brand. Title companies should give the best first impression possible of your company to any potential customers. This award will go to a new website that gives consumers the information they need about the real estate transaction in clear concise language while underscoring the company’s values for the consumer.

2023 Winners

Allegiance, located in Fayetteville, Ark., is an independently owned title insurance agency providing residential, commercial and lender services for Arkansas and throughout the nation. The company’s new website is designed to connect with people on a human level and provide a personal touch.
Flying S Title & Escrow
Flying S Title & Escrow rebranded and created a website rooted in its rich family-owned history while seamlessly showcasing what it has become. The educational resources section of the website is full of content for homebuyers, Realtors and lenders, including information on wire fraud, the life of an escrow closing and the benefits of title insurance.
Transnation Title
Transnation Title produced a video campaign highlighting title-related topics that homebuyers and settlement services professionals alike need to know. In the videos, Transnation employees discuss remote online notarization (RON), ALTA Endorsements, cybersecurity and what to expect at a closing.

2022 Winners

CertifID's website provides wire fraud recovery and prevention services to real estate professionals as well as consumers. A 2022 ALTA Elite Provider, the company was awarded a Title Webbie because its website breaks its services down by roles, helping consumers understand their exposure to real estate wire fraud scams when buying or selling a home or other property and how they can protect themselves from fraudsters.
D. Bello
The company’s website includes a quick tutorial on the benefits of title insurance, features ALTA videos on real estate wire fraud and the role of title insurance in protecting property rights and provides resources to find a local title agent through ALTA’s consumer-facing website,
The Title Team
The Title Team website is filled with a wealth of information for homebuyers and sellers, including ALTA videos as well as the company’s own curated library of content. Homebuyers and sellers can find all the information they need to know what to expect during the closing process and how to be on the lookout for real estate wire fraud scams.

2021 Winners

Placer Title
On its new homepage, the California company quickly categorizes users based on their role in the transaction. Whether labeled “homeowners” or “future customers,” consumers are provided with opportunities to learn more about title insurance, what to expect during the closing process and what to know about homebuying/selling. The “homeowner” section features 21 guides—three of which are in Spanish—that discuss the importance of title insurance.
First American Title Insurance Company
First American Title, which has offices across the United States, was chosen as the Best Website-Underwriters winner. First American’s Multicultural Resources Center provides clear and concise information to help consumers better understand real estate transfer in the United States. Educational information on the website, including a suite of 14 videos, is available in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese.

2020 Winners

ATG Title
On its new website, ATG Title focuses on providing information to educate consumers. Six tabs in the homeowner section highlight the purpose and benefits of title insurance, a step-by-step breakdown of the closing process, ways to save on closing costs, resources for more information on buying a home, information on ALTA Best Practices and standards and a real estate glossary.
FNF Family of Companies
The FNF Family of Companies, which has offices across the United States, was chosen as the Best Website-Underwriters winner. FNF’s Digital Closing Hub helps educate homeowners who are learning about digital closings and need to understand what to expect during a real estate transaction. The site is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and a safe space for consumers to learn more about digital real estate closing options.
Continental Title
Continental Title, which operates in Kansas and Missouri, received this year’s #GoodDeeds Award for its #CTCcares Campaign. Started in January 2020, the effort has raised more than $36,000 for local charities, such as several humane societies and Ronald McDonald Houses across the two states.

2019 Winners

Commerce Title
Commerce Title’s homepage gives consumers the impression that their closing is going to be a smooth celebration. The website’s language reassures consumers that Commerce Title has their closing under control. The website also provides consumers with easy access to title insurance data as well as contact information for every single person in the office.
Old Republic Title Insurance Company
Old Republic’s homepage establishes a strong message: “We serve our policyholders with strength, stability and more than a century of experience.” The homeowner section is easy to find and packed with useful information that is broken up into palatable bites.

2018 Winners

Florida Title Insurance Co. (FTIC)
FTIC took an intentional approach to making a mundane product, such as title insurance, fun. The homepage is interactive: The cursor causes the main water photo to “ripple” as you navigate the page. The links, including “Title Insurance for Dummies,” “Who Pays for What,” “70+ Ways to Lose Your Property,” and “Mission Kreplach,” details the company’s values, provide useful consumer information in an entertaining way.
As the first point of contact many people will have with Westcor, they wanted the website to reflect both company culture and their Number One asset that makes Westcor: their employees. They greatly simplified the design of the site, added new features that make browsing, “contact us” and getting more info on becoming an agent much easier.