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Contact: Matthew Reass, SVP
Phone: 757-333-3760
Fax: 757-257-7664
Email: matthew.reass@rynoh.com
Web: www.rynoh.com

Company Description

RynohLive is the "Industry Standard" for escrow security and financial management, and our patented solution ensures that you are fully compliant with ALTA's Best Practices Pillar No. 2. Using a cyber-secure cloud application with proprietary anti-fraud algorithms, RynohLive helps clients stay steps ahead of would be perpetrators of fraud and theft with near real time monitoring of escrow account operations.
Every business day, RynohLive conducts an automated 3-way reconciliation, an end-to-end auditing of escrow accounts, and works around the clock to identify anomalies, potential fraud, and audit issues to minimize your exposure to loss. Our clients rest easier knowing that RynohLive is on the job protecting them via daily management reports and email alerts when fraudulent activity is suspected. RynohLive is a bridge application that seamlessly integrates with your settlement software and your financial institution. There is no need to change your internal disbursing procedures, and using RynohLive to manage your escrow accounts will save you time, money, and possibly your business! Learn more at www.rynoh.com


Information Security
  • Anti-phishing
Funds Management
  • Escrow Funds Managment
  • Check Fraud Protection
  • Accounting Software Services
ALTA Best Practices
  • Pillar II

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