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Digital Media

5 Reasons You Need Title Insurance

This is great for real estate and lender education, posting on the consumer page of your website and social media content.

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ALTA Woman on the Street - What is Title Insurance?!

You think everyone buying a home knows what title insurance is? Share this video with your staff to align their understanding of what consumers know about title insurance.

Don't Let Your Deal Crumble at Closing

This video is specifically for use with real estate agents. No agent wants the deal to crumble at the closing because of errors or unanswered questions. Encourage your agents to view this video to be a more credible source with their customers.

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HOP Leader Tool: General 60-Minute HOP Overview

Use this 60-minute overview to see how you can give a HOP presentation as a HOP Leader.

How to Build an Effective Title Insurance Website

Protect Your Money From Wire Fraud Schemes

It's important to educate everyone in the real estate community about the wire fraud schemes that exist and how to protect our customers. Share this video on your website or use as a conversation starter with potential customers.

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Protect Your Property Rights

This five-minute segment on PBS' Spotlight On features ALTA 2019 President Cynthia Durham Blair NTP offering her perspective on the benefit of title insurance and why homeowners need this protection when buying a home.

Title Insurance is Where the Smart Is

Use this video for a first time homebuyer seminar or provide to your lender and real estate agents to help answer the questions they get from their customers about what title insurance is and who it protects.

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Internal Training

Make Your Marketing Soar With Digital Advertising

The internet has changed the way that people shop for everything—including real estate. Digital marketing is the best way to engage customers in the electronic age. While terms such as “costs-per-lead” to “ad servers” may be overwhelming, getting into this space is vital for companies wanting to stay relevant.

3rd Party Resources

What Homebuyers Need to Know about Mortgage Scams —

Homebuyers, here are 4 steps to help protect yourself against mortgage scams that can rob you of your life savings.