Critical Issue Studies

ALTA’s critical issue studies arm ALTA members and the association with a comprehensive overview of the evolution of key industry trends and issues. Participation in these studies plays a pivotal role in shaping industry solutions and provides participants with actionable insights on hot topic issues such as Digital Closings and Cybercrime.

Benchmarking Surveys

ALTA’s benchmarking surveys are a strategic tool to help organizations measure their performance against industry standards and competitors. By comparing key metrics and practices, you can identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and stay ahead in the ever-changing market.

Title Agents & Abstracters Compensation Index

Looking to attract and retain top talent? Complete the Compensation Index to see how your compensation and benefits package compares with industry standards. Upon survey competition, both personal and aggregated results and charts are available for a comprehensive analysis.

Industry Financial Data

Get access to annual and quarterly title insurance industry market share data by state and company, as well as financial statements for each underwriter. Annual subscriptions are available for purchase for non-members.