Educational Resources

The Best Practices Educational Resources provide additional information about the ALTA Best Practices to give you a better understanding of how you can adopt policies and procedures that will meet the Best Practices standards.

Some of these documents are only available to ALTA Members and Full Best Practices Subscribers (marked [M]), Assessment Readiness Guide Subscribers (marked [A]) and Compliance Management Report Subscribers (marked [C]).

If you are not an ALTA member and would like to purchase a Best Practices Subscription, please visit our Publications Page and select the Best Practices Subscription that best suits the needs of your company.

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Best Practice Pillar #1: Licensing

Best Practice Pillar #2: Escrow Trust Accounting

Best Practice Pillar #3: Protecting NPI

Best Practice Pillar #4: Settlement Processes

  • Pillar 4 - Settlement Processes: Assessment Readiness Guide (v 3.0) [M] [A]
  • PDF of Webinar Presentation [M]
  • Webinar on Recording and Pricing Policies [M]

Best Practice Pillar #5: Policy Production

  • Pillar 5 - Policy Production: Assessment Readiness Guide (v 3.0) [M] [A]
  • Webinar on Policy Production, Delivery, Reporting and Remittance Standards [M]
  • PDF of Webinar Presentation [M]

Best Practice Pillar #6: Insurance Coverage

  • Pillar 6 - Insurance Coverage: Assessment Readiness Guide (v 3.0) [M] [A]
  • PDF of Webinar Presentation [M]
  • Webinar on Understanding the Pitfalls of Title Agent Professional Liability [M]

Best Practice Pillar #7: Consumer Complaints

  • Pillar 7 - Consumer Complaints: Assessment Readiness Guide (v 3.0) [M] [A]
  • PDF of Webinar Presentation [M]
  • Webinar on Developing a Process to Resolve Consumer Complaints [M]
  • Better Business Bureau Code of Business Practices
  • State Complaint Log Requirements [M]
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