ALTA strives to help members identify the benefits and risks associated with digital closings in order to put the industry in the best position to solve problems and inspire innovative ideas. ALTA is your source for tools and education about various aspects of digital closing and provide information about the availability of technological advances such as remote online rotary (RON).

Introduction to Digital Closings

Get a quick overview of the various types of digital closings, as well as the benefits and operational efficiencies they can provide.

Digital Closings: A Closer Look

Get the 411 on all the terms and acronyms associated with digital closings. Understand what they mean and the processes associated with each of them.

Remote Online Notarization

Learn about the various steps and requirements for performing a RON.

State that have Remote Online Notary Legislation (as of October 2019)

Digital Closing Articles

Recent 2019

Ginnie Mae Seeks Input on Digital Mortgage Guidelines
October 29, 2019
Ginnie Mae issued a Request for Input (RFI) on the requirements that address the acceptability of digital promissory notes and other electronic documents as well as participation in its Digital Collateral Pilot.
Survey: Consumers Prefer In-person Closing but Want More Digital Experience
October 29, 2019
According to a new survey from Solidifi, eight in 10 consumers still prefer to complete their transaction in person. The results reinforce the importance of having a professional and qualified closing agent at the table as they proceed through the closing process on a home purchase or refinance.
Quicken Pushes Out E-closing Capabilities to All 50 States
October 9, 2019
Through Amrock, a sister company of Quicken Loans, there are three ways to complete a mortgage electronically: an in-person hybrid e-closing, an in-person electronic notarization and a remote online notarization.
Get Help Going Digital
October 1, 2019
You asked, we answered: We have added two new dates to the Digital Closing & eMortgage Boot Camps! ALTA and the Mortgage Bankers Association have teamed up to bring you a series of live events in 2019-2020 to help your business navigate the digital closing process.
Ohio Remote Online Notary Legislation Goes Into Effect
September 26, 2019
Ohio’s remote online legislation, which follows key principles of the ALTA-MBA model, went into effect Sept. 20. The state adopted MISMO’s standards in its administrative rules for implementing the Notary Public Modernization Act.
ALTA Whitepaper Addresses Redaction of Info in Public Land Records
September 10, 2019
ALTA’s Real Property Records Committee has finalized a white paper titled “Privacy, Redaction, and Public Land Records,” which provides guidance on the redaction of information in the public land records. The paper makes recommendations for effective solutions to protect privacy in the public land records.
Have You Gone Digital?
September 10, 2019
Digital closings and the companies facilitating them are undoubtedly on the rise. Whether you have participated in a hybrid closing, remote online notarization or a full in-person e-closing—or even if you have no experience with digital closings at all—we want to hear about it by taking ALTA's Digital Closing Survey. Among the questions, the survey will capture information on whether companies have been asked to conduct a digital closing, when they expect to conduct these types of closings and a company's readiness for digital closings.
SoftPro Integrates With Black Knight’s Digital Closing Solution
August 28, 2019
Users of SoftPro 360 business exchange platform have access to the integration with Expedite Close and securely sign and notarize documents online.
ClosingLock Offers E-Signing Service
August 1, 2019
“We worked diligently to give our customers the ability to securely share documents and also have those documents electronically signed, all within the same system,” said Andy White, ClosingLock’s CEO and co-founder. “Several of our current clients gave us great insight into their system needs, and we believe our new e-signing feature fulfills those needs.”


Remote Online Notarization (RON)