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Congressional Liaison Program

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Who are we?

Congressional Liaisons are industry professionals whose goal it is to educate Members of Congress about the importance of our industry, what we do and who we represent. Liaisons offer guidance and expertise so legislators make educated decisions on issues impacting us.

What do we do?

Congressional Liaisons are encouraged to make phone calls, send emails and attend fundraisers and town hall meetings to strengthen their relationship(s). The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the Title Action Network (TAN) offer training sessions solely for Congressional Liaisons with the purpose of achieving these goals. To help, ALTA and TAN offer tips, talking points and advice from staff and guest speakers about how to be successful and effective liaisons.

How to join?

You can start by taking our survey here.

We continue to seek members of the industry who maintain political connections. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Congressional Liaison, please contact Elizabeth Blosser at

Congressional Liaison Action Report

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Links to previous Congressional Liaison trainings:

Congressional Liaisons: How to Use Powerful Personal Stories with Lawmakers

Listen to Andy MacCracken, executive director and cofounder of the National Campus Leadership Council, discuss just how influential personal narratives are with legislators. Click here for tips from one of Washington D.C.'s successful and most connected nonprofit leaders.

For more information, or to become a Congressional Liaison, please contact Elizabeth Blosser at