RamQuest Integrates With Action Title Research

March 16, 2023

RamQuest integrated its Closing Market digital network with Action Title Research.

Closing Market is an application-to-application interface that integrates diverse systems and enables each participant to work from their own software. Action Title Research offers support in title production by streamlining processes and procedures including title research, title production and examination and more. Action Title’s SmartSearch creates and delivers data that integrates directly into title production workflows. Through this capability, RamQuest customers will experience expedited workflows and gain the potential to reach larger audiences in fewer steps.

”The partnership between RamQuest and Action Title Research will help simplify our customers’ title search and production processes,” said Paula Maurstad, president of RamQuest. “This integration will cut down the time agencies are spending on searches and allow them the bandwidth to focus on closings.”

Action Title Research was started 20 years ago by two title searchers who built processes and proprietary technology to aid in search and production.

“We’re very pleased to announce the RamQuest integration,” said Chris Blum, CEO and founder of Action Title Research, “Clients are looking for a seamless experience that emphasizes simplicity, speed and accuracy, and the partnership with RamQuest helps us in our mission to provide that.”

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