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October 22, 2020

Two Months of Free Benefits Come With Your 2021 Membership

You’re not an ALTA Associate Member yet, but here are two BIG reasons why you need to jump on board today. (Of course, there are 100 other reasons, but no one wants to be here all day, am I right?)

  1. When you join ALTA for 2021, you can start your membership right now. Sign up today and get your 2020 membership for free! That is more than two extra months of membership benefits at no cost to you.
  2. When you join ALTA, you can list your business in the ALTA Marketplace for free. The Marketplace is a free tool that allows title and settlement companies to search for your business by name, location and relevance. It’s free for anyone to search, and it’s free for you to list your company’s products and services. We took a look at the stats, and it turns out the Marketplace receives an average of 1,200 pageviews per month!

Take this opportunity to put yourself in front of ALTA members. What are you waiting for?

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