Qualia Launches Remote Online Notary Platform

August 18, 2020

Qualia announced the launch of its remote online notarization (RON) product to enable full digital, contactless home closings.

Qualia RON is built into the company’s cloud-based title and escrow software platform.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for a contactless, digital home buying experience, turning what was once viewed as a luxury into a necessity,” said Nate Baker, co-founder and CEO of Qualia. “I am proud of our team for devoting the last few months to developing Qualia RON and bringing to market a well-thought out, easy-to-use product to support our real estate ecosystem toward more seamless, digital real estate closings.”

With Qualia’s RON solution, title companies can leverage Qualia’s existing secure document sharing and e-signing features in its client communications portal, Qualia Connect.

“With advances in remote online notarization technology and RON permissible in many states across the country, we finally have the capability to make a fully digital, secure and cost-efficient home closing possible,” said Baker. “The launch of Qualia RON marks an important turning point for the industry as we move away from the in-person notary model toward a fully digital, contactless closing experience.”

Qualia users also have other remote notarization options, including Qualia Connect Video Chat, which can be used for remote ink-signed notarizations (RIN). The platform also provides the ability to access RON-authorized notaries through Qualia’s online vendor marketplace. In states where RON is allowed, title companies that want to use a RON-enabled software platform will need to become RON certified and register with their state.

“Remote online notarization will result in significant time and cost savings, and it will increase revenue potential for agents like us by helping us expand territories,” said Lisa Nichols, CEO of Virginia Title Solutions. “Most importantly, RON will mitigate current health and safety concerns for both closers and consumers by reducing potential for the spread of COVID-19.”

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