State Update: Georgia Governor Bans Local Governments from Mandating Masks, States Hit Hard Bring in Refrigerated Trucks as Morgues Fill Up, LA Schools Decision Sets Off Cascade of California Closures

July 16, 2020

  • The governor of Georgia has thrown a wrench into the drive to get people to don masks against COVID-19 by banning more than a dozen local governments in his state from mandating that they be worn in public. Gov. Brian Kemp issued his executive order Wednesday, the same day the Republican governor of another state that has seen a surge in new cases, Mike DeWine of Ohio, changed course and urged residents to wear masks at all times when outside. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, have reversed their stances and now require masks in public.
  • With skyrocketing coronavirus hospitalizations in several states, hard-hit counties in Arizona and Texas are preparing for the worst by bringing in refrigerated trucks as morgues fill up. In Arizona's Maricopa County, which has the most COVID-19 cases in the state, the medical examiner's office has ordered four portable coolers with additional ones expected in the coming days, said Fields Moseley, the county spokesman. The medical examiner's office morgue had a total of 156 deceased people -- with a surge capacity of just over 200, Moseley said. 
  • The announcement by Los Angeles and San Diego school officials to extend campus closures into the new academic year has touched off a wave of similar decisions by districts across California due to coronavirus concerns. The domino effect started by the state's two largest school districts likely means that the vast majority of California’s 6 million-plus K-12 students will remain at home for weeks — and possibly months — to come.

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