WFG Integrates With TrackerPro to Provide E-jackets

May 28, 2020

WFG National Title Insurance Company announced an integration with title insurance software provider TrackerPro.

The partnership allows WFG agents to request and receive policy jackets and policy numbers, agent authorization letters in New York and Closing Protection Letters (CPLs) outside New York directly through TrackerPro. This eliminates the need to work across multiple systems and re-key data.

“WFG is extremely pleased to integrate with Tracker Pro, a software provider we strongly support," said Julie Curlen, a senior vice president and regional manager at WFG. "Knowing their place in the New York market, integrating with them reminds me of when Bruce met Clarence Clemons on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. This is just another step to making it easier for our agents to do business with WFG."

TrackerPro’s optional feature enables users to receive documents from WFG by delivering validated information stored in TrackerPro, saving time and money by minimizing manual data entry and validation steps and automating document processing in title policies.

“Our alliance with WFG enables our mutual clients to vastly improve their service, quality and efficiency through automation and simplification of the policy production process” said Chuck McGrath, TrackerPro’s founder. “Together our company synergy will improve the user experience and ultimately the bottom line.” 

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