Adeptive to Offer AI Customer Service for ResWare Platform

January 14, 2020

Adeptive Software announced a new partnership to offer an artificial intelligence-based (AI) customer assistant on the ResWare platform. With the Alanna customer service resource, title agencies using ResWare can communicate with their customers via text or web chat, using everyday conversational language. Customers can ask for things such as office hours, get live updates on one or several files, access documents or ask for a seller net sheet or buyer closing cost estimate (via text no less).

Connected with the ResWare platform, ResWare customers determine what information Alanna provides to their customers through an administrator portal, and can monitor and chat live with customers, as desired.

"As we enable customers and third-party providers to innovate and build on the ResWare platform, it's only natural to add AI capabilities,” said Gorkem Kuterdem, Adeptives' senior vice president of strategy. “Elevating the customer experience, and our customers' service offerings, the Alanna customer service assistant is the perfect fit for ResWare and the growth of our platform."

The balance of providing a warm customer service experience and having enough resources to focus on daily workloads is a huge challenge for today's title companies. Everyone wants shorter processing times while being able to handle routine customer inquiries in a seamless manner.

"The Alanna intelligent assistant offers immediate operational efficiencies by answering questions in a conversational way, giving customers instant satisfaction, which equates to greater staff productivity that directly increases bottom line profits,” said Hoyt Mann, Alanna's president and co-founder. “We at are excited to be working with the Adeptive team to lead the title industry in the first intelligent assistant integration."

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