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September 10, 2019

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If you’re not a subscriber of the Title Insurance Law Newsletter (TILN), here are the Top 3 most popular case law summaries you’re missing out on:

Do Policies Cover Easements Not Revealed in Public Record?
A district court holds that a title insurance company did not breach a title insurance policy by not defending or indemnifying the property owners regarding previous litigation.

Marketable Title vs. Economic Marketability
The Utah Court of Appeals addressed marketable title and whether notice to a title insurance agent regarding a claim can be considered notice to the title insurer. 

Missing Owner in Granting Clause – Not Necessarily Fatal
In a bankruptcy case, the Ohio Supreme Court ultimately ruled “a mortgage that is properly signed, initialed, and acknowledged by a signatory whose name does not appear in the body of the mortgage is not invalid as a matter of law.”

These are the types of informative, quality articles you get when you subscribe to TILN. Since 1992, TILN has been the authoritative monthly source for legal developments in the land title industry. Curated especially for title agents, approved attorneys, underwriters, claim administrators and attorneys who practice in title insurance defense work or conveyancing disputes, the newsletter reports on cases addressing:

  • title insurance coverage
  • class actions and regulatory enforcement
  • escrow and closing duties
  • agent/underwriter disputes
  • conveyancing law
  • RESPA and TILA compliance and violations

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