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September 4, 2019

The Compensation Index is Providing Results for Your Competitors

ICYMI: Businesses that have completed ALTA’s Title & Settlement Services Industry Compensation Index can access the results! Companies that have completed 100% of the required questions now can examine the Compensation Index’s national aggregate results – for free.

Don’t be left out: You still can participate and obtain entry to the final analysis. Simply provide your company’s salary and benefit package information. We know the data you’re providing is sensitive, and your privacy is important to us. All company data is collected through a secure third party, and individual data will be kept confidential.

“This will help us be competitive in attracting the best and brightest candidates for positions in our company,” said Frank Pellegrini, president and CEO of Prairie Title in Illinois. The information the Compensation Index provides “will help groom future leaders in our businesses and in our industry. There is no substitute for reliable information.”

The Compensation Index allows your business to attract new talent with comprehensive salaries and benefits. It is designed to help you easily examine the full value of your compensation packages and compare your business to the competition down the street. It can compare salary rates for existing positions and assist you in analyzing the current market for new roles.

The Compensation Index provides results showing the 25th percentile, median and 75th percentile of responses – as well as where your company falls – in easy-to-read graphs. 

Other FAQs:

  • Who can enter data? The primary contact or a designated individual can complete the Compensation Index on behalf of each company location.
  • Who can review the results? Because of the highly sensitive nature of the data contained in the survey, full access to the Compensation Index is restricted to a location’s primary contact and/or the designated individual.
  • When the results be available? Once more companies have completed the Compensation Index, participants will be able to filter results to compare themselves with other companies as well as download Excel reports and PowerPoint slides. However, a minimum of five data points must meet the filter requirements for the results to display.
  • What data will I need to enter?
    • Company demographics by location (state, revenue, staffing numbers, expenses, etc.)
    • Compensation data by position (rates, bonuses, hours worked, etc.)
    • Information on the benefits packages your company offers

If this sounds complicated or overwhelming, don’t worry: We created a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the Compensation Index. You also can download the full set of questions included in the Compensation Index to help you prepare.

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