SoftPro Offers New Integration Capabilities With WFG

July 9, 2019

SoftPro has released a new integration with WFG National Title Insurance Company providing enhanced capabilities for ordering title searches and retrieving title evidence.

Users also can produce WFG closing protection letters and policy jackets, as they have been able to since SoftPro first integrated with WFG in 2013. The ability to order title work and retrieve services within SoftPro eliminates duplication of data entry as well as phone calls.

“We are pleased to work with WFG to offer our customers this update for further streamlining their title production,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “The improved efficiency made available through the WFG integration will help our customers’ overall productivity.”

The WFG integration is available free of charge through the SoftPro 360 business exchange portal. SoftPro 360 enables SoftPro users to order products and services through dozens of third-party vendors such as WFG without leaving their SoftPro environment.

“WFG is delighted with our new SoftPro integration that directly benefits the independent title agent,” said Patrick Stone, executive chairman and founder of Williston Financial Group. “This integration will allow our agents who use SoftPro to seamlessly interact with their underwriter in the most efficient manner possible.”

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