SLK Global Enhances Property Tax Solution

June 18, 2019

SLK Global Solutions announced the addition of two new offerings for its SmartTrak property tax solution, a technology platform used by more than 100 title and tax agents to enhance their tax reporting. The enhancements include a lower-priced rapid tax report and a standalone municipal lien search report (MLSR).

 “Title agents can now choose tax reports that can be delivered as fast as 24 hours at a much lower price point,” added Dustin Smith, SVP operations at SLK Global Solutions America. “In addition, we have enhanced the platform to offer municipal lien searches as a stand-alone offering. This complements our existing TaxCert product—a comprehensive property tax report with guarantees—and TaxCert+, which is the tax certificate including municipal lien search information.”

SLK Global Solutions America President Alok Datta noted that the enhancement expands flexibility for title agents in terms of a menu of choices at multiple price points depending upon their business needs.

“We are always striving to deliver products and solutions that help title agents reduce turn time, expand their coverage across the nation and save on their operational expenses,” Datta said. “This is one release that directly does so. This goes perfectly with our SmartProp property search solution, which can help title agents get property search reports in four hours, making us their preferred vendor partner for all their property search and tax requirements.”

According to SLK, the new enhancement also means SmartTrak can be used by mortgage servicers to order a quick tax report during a portfolio purchase or to track a loan’s delinquency life cycle, including foreclosures and REO.

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