SafeChain Partners with Adeptive to Provide Fraud-free Closings

April 18, 2019

SafeChain has integrated its wire fraud prevention software, SafeWire, with Adeptive’s title and production software, ResWare.

“Wire fraud is not a problem that can be tackled alone. It takes a concerted effort from everyone involved to take on an issue that keeps on growing,” said Tony Franco, CEO at SafeChain. “We know that seamless integrations are important for title professionals, and with this integration, they no longer have to leave the ResWare environment to prevent wire fraud. Teaming up with Adeptive is a significant step forward to bring peace of mind during one of the largest transactions in a person’s lifetime.”

SafeWire protects real estate wire transactions by verifying the identity of both the buyer and seller and authenticating ownership of the accounts involved in the transaction. Backed by blockchain technology, Franco said SafeWire also provides a secure portal to transmit and store wiring instructions, ensuring that this information cannot be tampered with or intercepted by unauthorized parties.

“We are focused on enabling our customers to be as efficient and productive as possible providing integrations, where they make sense, to enhance the transaction process. Integrating with SafeChain aligns with our focus to seamlessly connect while securing against cyber threats,” said Adeptive Software President Bryan Buus.

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