Title Alliance Appoints Chief Strategy Officer

March 25, 2019

Title Alliance appointed Lindsay Smith as chief strategy officer for the company. In this role, she will be responsible for helping develop, communicate and execute corporate and joint venture strategic initiatives.

Smith joined Title Alliance in 2005 and has held multiple roles throughout her tenure with the company ranging from project manager to director of sales and marketing. Smith also been responsible for all western growth within Title Alliance since 2015, doubling their portfolio's profits annually under her leadership in Arizona and New Mexico.

"Lindsay's incredibly strong communication skills, her passion to deliver exemplary results combined with her strategic mindset make her a natural fit for this role" said Jim Campbell, CEO of Title Alliance. "Our company is poised for another extensive growth spurt thanks to Lindsay's efforts. Her leadership skills, experience and track record of success will help pave the way in the next exciting chapter that our company is about to write. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Lindsay in her new role and I know that she will represent our company well as we navigate the challenges and opportunities in our ever-changing market."

Smith will focus on developing strategies to strengthen their family of companies and to position them for success. Her emphasis will be on overall growth, communication and strategic development from both a corporate and joint venture perspective. Through implementation of the company's strategy both internally and externally, Smith will ensure that all employees, partners and vendors understand the company-wide vision and goals so that all work in alignment. Smith will be accountable for positioning the company for strategic growth, by entering into new markets and saturating the existing markets with joint-ventured relationships.

"My passionate commitment to making a difference in both the lives of our partners and team members is what fuels me. That's always been my ‘Why'," Smith said. "We are in the business of forming partnerships that provide opportunities for brokers and their agents to have passive income streams while controlling the closing process.”

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.

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