Give Your Brain Some Fresh Air

February 20, 2019

Stop Yawning and Start Engaging!

When you attend a live event and you have the opportunity to network, sometimes it's hard to get past the mundane chit-chat. We get it: If you have one more conversation about the weather or your flight in, you might just pull the fire alarm. (Wait, don't really do that. Pretty sure it's illegal, mmmkay?) But don't worry, ALTA SPRINGBOARD has the cure for your boredom!

Braindating, engineered by e180, gives you the chance to meet one-on-one with like-minded individuals and weigh in on issues you actually care about. As an ALTA SPRINGBOARD attendee, you get exclusive access to the e180 braindate platform, where you can find others at the event who are interested in discussing the same topics as you. Get it?? It's matchmaking for your brain!

ALTA SPRINGBOARD then provides you with the time and space you need to have these stimulating conversations. When you experience braindating, you'll spend less time looking for the exit and more time sharing and learning.

March 20-21
The Peabody Hotel
Memphis, TN


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