TitleTap Releases Accessibility and Chatbot Widgets, Improves Page Speed

December 11, 2018

TitleTap, a provider of websites and marketing tools for title companies and law firms, announced the release of new features for both new and existing customers.

The new features include an artificially intelligent chatbot widget, improved website accessibility to help those with disabilities and website performance upgrades to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and page speed.

“We are excited about the release of a handful of new features that will help our customers improve their abilities to connect with their market,” said Eliot Dill, COO of TitleTap.

Live chat, although great for engagement, can be a burden to manage if you are not prepared for it, according to TitleTap.

Dean Collura, TitleTap’s CEO added, “we realize that for most companies, ensuring someone is monitoring a live chat around the clock is a big commitment, and not responding quickly can damage an opportunity. That is why TitleTap is excited to release a chatbot that has been specifically tuned to title agents and attorneys.”

Unlike most generic chat solutions, TitleTap reports that its version provides a script out-of-the-box that answers frequently asked questions automatically, and notifies the appropriate person at TitleTap to address more complex questions. The scripts can also be customized as needed.

TitleTap has also taken into account that 20 percent of web users have a disability and added a new accessibility widget.

“There are concerns around website accessibility mounting across many industries,” Dill said. “To get ahead of this trend we now offer an optional accessibility widget to help users with disabilities navigate your site. The widget can change the contrast, change the size, highlight links, and even read the web page aloud.”

“Google is now rewarding websites that load fast by ranking them higher in search results. We have implemented advanced image and file compression to deliver websites on the TitleTap platform with faster load times to help our customers’ prospects find them faster,” Dill added.

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