Ernst Integrates ALTA Registry Data Into Search Engine

October 18, 2018

Ernst Publishing announced it will integrate its closing cost fee calculator along with other closing cost software with the national ALTA Registry.

Title agents that work with Ernst will be able to effortlessly share their ALTA ID, a unique 7-digit identifier, and their settlement fees with integration partners and lenders.

"The ALTA Registry is an important industry database that will mitigate fraud risk and help lenders ensure the integrity of their loan origination process," said Gregory E. Teal, president and chief executive officer of Ernst Publishing. "Because the data ALTA collects is confirmed by title underwriters, the ALTA ID has become a critical piece of data that our customers use to verify the identity of their partners. Ernst integration of this information with Settlement Agent fees insures the accuracy of the fees agents and lenders disclose to their borrowers. We're proud to include this unique dataset in the information we provide to our clients."

The ALTA Registry is a searchable online database of underwriter-confirmed title agent companies, real estate attorneys, and underwriter direct offices. The ALTA ID has become an industry standard method for lenders to confirm the identity of their settlement industry partners. ALTA is perfectly positioned to develop and maintain this industry utility. Ernst provides the perfect method to push this information out to lenders and integrators in the manner they wish to receive it. Ernst will access data in the ALTA Registry through a direct integration and will begin making the data available to industry partners immediately.

"We're pleased to offer this tool to Ernst as it helps to confirm the identity of title and settlement agents handling mortgage transactions," said Paul Martin, director of the ALTA Title Registry. "We expect this integration to further increase awareness of the registry, particularly among title and settlement agents, and to encourage more agents to register for an ALTA ID. This dataset is established in the mortgage lending ecosystem and has been shown to be of great value to lenders and title underwriters."

Teal pointed out that since lenders will now have easier access to ALTA IDs for the partners they work with, it makes more sense than ever for title agents to join the ALTA Registry for their own ALTA ID. There is no charge to register and title agents do not have to join ALTA to receive an ALTA ID.

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