DocMagic Reaches E-signing Milestone

January 25, 2018

DocMagic Inc. reached a significant milestone having processed more than 300 million mortgage-related electronic signatures.

The company reported the achievement is the result of increased adoption of several DocMagic technologies that feature its e-signing platform. Each of DocMagic’s digital platforms reports a significant increase in volume, which the company attributes to lenders’ growing need to prove a TRID-compliant, 100 percent paperless mortgage process.

“Borrower demand is driving the increase in e-signings, and lenders are choosing DocMagic to get a consistent, compliant eSigning solution that spans the original LE (Loan Estimate) to the final CD (Closing Disclosure),” said Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. “Lenders know DocMagic is the go-to choice for compliance. We reached 300 million e-signatures because we have solved lenders’ number one burden for the past two years—electronic evidence of TRID compliance—while enabling them to stay competitive and enhance the overall borrower experience.”

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