ResWare Integrates With TitleM

January 4, 2018

Adeptive Software announced the integration of its ResWare title production data with TitleM, a service of Sentry Dynamics. TitleM aggregates data from multiple customer platforms including legacy, archived, payment or acquisition-related systems into a single service. TitleM users will see ResWare open and closed order data along with revenue, CRM interactions and marketing expenses in a single reporting application.

According to a release, executives can track and compare title orders and escrow data from ResWare with expenses, revenue, compliance and other platforms consolidated within TitleM. The resulting custom reports are organized by brand, local office, region, division and date range.

“CEOs and other decision makers need the ability to plan for the future rather than just react to the past. This partnership and the data from other systems provide that ability,” said Davon Sjostrom, vice president of Sentry Dynamics.

The availability of ResWare production data enables real-time access across multiple platforms for improved business insights, planning, and reporting.

“We are happy to partner with others who enable customers to easily view their ResWare production data for operational planning and business growth,” says Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive.

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