ShortTrack Integrates Mobile Data Security Platform with RamQuest

August 18, 2016

ShortTrack announced that its mobile data security platform has integrated with RamQuest’s Closing Market network to aid the protection of non-public personal information (NPI).

"With this partnership, we are streamlining both the connection between real estate professionals and title companies and the way real estate transactions occur," said Steven Hargraves, chief operating officer of ShortTrack.

ShortTrack allows title professionals to securely share documents and redirect any emails containing NPI through its notification system. By integrating with RamQuest, ShortTrack users will not have to re-upload their customers' documents or use email encryption to deliver documents.

“We are excited to have ShortTrack join our Closing Market network,” said Brooks Yeager, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at RamQuest. “This unique service is easy to use, but offers a big return so our customers will not only see immediate gains in efficiency but will also have an invaluable tool to offer to their Realtors.” 

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