SoftPro Integrates With TrustLink

May 26, 2016

SoftPro announced that its 360 business exchange platform is now integrated with TrustLink from First American Professional Real Estate Services (FAPRES).

SoftPro 360 is a free tool that links SoftPro users with national service providers in order to purchase products or services directly through their SoftPro software. The partnership with TrustLink allows for a seamless flow of data to and from SoftPro. TrustLink offers daily and monthly three-way reconciliations and unclaimed property service. SoftPro customers who also use TrustLink will benefit from this seamless integration without leaving their SoftPro environment.

“SoftPro is excited to offer this newest integration with First American’s TrustLink,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro senior vice president of sales and marketing. “The trust accounting process is vital to any organization, and the integration adds yet another level of control and productivity to that process,” Hempen added.

Pam Sember, business development manager for TrustLink Services at FAPRES, added “Our partnership allows SoftPro users to take advantage of a unique third-party service, which assists in meeting ALTA’s Best Practice (pillar) number two and provides more visibility into their trust accounts. TrustLink allows for electronic verification of the reconciliation, segregates data and duties, and provides web-based access to detailed account information.”

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