2011-12 Nominations for ALTA Board and Executive Committees

September 6, 2011

ALTA's Nominating Committee is pleased to present the list of nominations for the 2011-12 ALTA Board of Governors, as well as the Abstracters and Title Insurance Agents Executive Committee, and the Title Insurance Underwriters Executive Committee. Nominations will be voted on during the 2011 Annual Convention, being held Oct. 12-15 in Charleston.

Board of Governors

President: Christopher Abbinante (Jacksonville, Fla.)

President-Elect: Frank Pellegrini (Oak Park, Ill.)

Treasurer: John M. Hollenbeck (Santa Ana, Calif.)

Chair of Finance Committee: J. Herschel Beard (Madill, Okla.)

Agents Section Chair: Diane Evans (Denver, Colo.)

Agents Section Rep: William Burding (Santa Ana, Calif.)

Agents Section Rep: Daniel D. Mennenoh (Galena, Ill.)

Underwriters Section Chair: Rob Chapman (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Underwriters Section Rep: Peter J. Birnbaum (Chicago, Ill.)

Underwriters Section Rep: Michael B. Skalka (Houston, Texas)

Immediate Past President: Anne L. Anastasi (Hatboro, Pa.)

Abstracters and Title Insurance Agents Executive Committee

Chair: Diane Evans (Denver, Colo.)

Vice-Chair: Joshua M. Reisetter (Brookings, S.D.)

Secretary: Celia C. Flowers (Tyler, Tex.)

Three-year term: William Burding (Santa Ana, Calif.)

Three-year term: Craig Haskins (Milwaukee, Wisc.)

Three-year term: Brian Pitman (Austin, Tex.)

Two-year term: J. Herschel Beard (Madill, Okla.)

Two-year term: Daniel D. Mennenoh (Galena, Ill.)

Two-year term: Joshua M. Reisetter (Brookings, S.D.)

One-year term: Celia C. Flowers (Tyler, Tex.)

One-year term: R. Norwood Gay, III (Orlando, Fla.)

One-year term: Mike Nichols (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Title Insurance Underwriters Executive Committee

Chair: Rob Chapman (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Vice-Chair: Richard J. Patterson (Rocky Hill, Conn.)

Secretary: Steven Day (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Three-year term: Mary O'Donnell (Winter Park, Fla.)

Three-year term: W. Morris Fine (Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Three-year term: J. Scott McCall (Dallas, Tex.)

Two-year term: Peter J. Birnbaum (Chicago, Ill.)

Two-year term: Steven Day (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Two-year term: Richard J. Patterson (Rocky Hill, Conn.)

One-year term: Ted Rogers (Baltimore, Md.)

One-year term: John Hollenbeck (Santa Anna, Calif.)

One-year term: Michael B. Skalka (Houston, Texas)

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.

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