TitleSoft Announces Grant Program for Title Agents

September 2, 2010

TitleSoft Inc., a software development corporation, announced the formation of Special Technology Grant Program [STGP] designed to provide U.S. title agents a much-needed financial vehicle to enhance mission-critical workflow and brand servicing velocity. The grant program comes at a time when such a valuable boost to market competitiveness might otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Since launching in 2000, TitleSoft has maintained a passionate commitment to U.S. real estate title operations and evolved its software solutions based upon industry requirements, customer needs and business dynamics. This newest offering is the most valuable program in the company's 10-year history. The progressive program allows organizations access to richer, more advanced software solutions that are exceptionally resource friendly and locally hosted. The TitleSoft grants cover a considerable portion of technology migration costs, often exceeding $5,000 per installation.

“While we recognize technical evolution is traditionally a challenging area for organizations to contend with, especially when markets are softer than ideal, this limited-time opportunity enables title agents to elevate operations with bolder technologies while lowering recurring overhead,” said Andrew Brooks, co-founder of TitleSoft. “Specifically, TitleSoft’s STGP includes turnkey custom implementation services, user training, zero percent financing for software licenses, and our firm commitment to assist organizations grow and prosper during the market recovery. It’s our investment back into the industry space that has been good to us.”

TitleSoft’s STGP is scheduled to run from Sept. 1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2010, or until available implementation slots are granted, whichever occurs first.

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