Stewart Global Solutions Participates in Land Information Systems Conferences

April 1, 2010

Stewart Global Solutions, in conjunction with other leading companies, from the registry, cadastre and GIS, GPS surveying and satellite imagery sectors, has participated in several Capacity Building Events organized by the Organization of American States (OAS) discussing ways to improve land records administration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Capacity Building Events were organized to support the efforts of the MuNET (Efficient and Transparent Municipalities Project) cadastre modernization program which has been developed by the OAS to assist member countries, and the municipalities within those countries, modernize their cadastres and registries. These events were held in several Latin American locations and focused on improving and modernizing the cadastre through integration and automation.

“Most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have the political will and technical expertise to ensure their registry and cadastre workflow processes are modernized from inefficient handwritten land records documents to automated and integrated computerized databases benefiting national and local government agencies, citizens and businesses within the region,” said Jack McKenna, Stewart Global’s vice president for business development in Latin America and the Caribbean. “As an OAS MuNET alliance member, Stewart is committed to providing the cadastre automation software and other services that will contribute to the process of making affordable cadastre modernization available to municipalities a reality.”

Because the need to effectively access land information is so important to a municipality’s future, the OAS and industry leaders from the registry, cadastre, GIS, GPS surveying and satellite imagery sectors formed the OAS MuNET Alliance to help develop best practices for implementing a cadastre solution in municipal governments in Latin America and the Caribbean. The OAS heads this alliance and its members include Stewart Global Solutions, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Trimble Navigation and DigitalGlobe.

In addition to attending the Capacity Building Events, these alliance members delivered a variety of presentations targeting the modernization of the cadastre within the 34 member OAS countries and more than 16,000 municipalities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Additionally, Stewart Global Solutions demonstrated the cadastre module of its integrated land information management solution named landfolio®. landfolio automates and incorporates the most essential elements of land information management: property registration, cadastral mapping and real property taxation through easy-to-use functionality, transaction transparency, accurate and auditable land records and streamlined business processes.

“Stewart, in cooperation with the other OAS alliance members, is looking forward to helping the OAS MuNET cadastre modernization initiative become a reality in as short a time as possible throughout the Latin American and the Caribbean region,” McKenna said.

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