This Week in Congress - March 9, 2009

March 8, 2009

3/11/2009 House Oversight & Government Reform 2154 Rayburn  TARP Oversight TARP Oversight: Assessing Treasury's Efforts to Prevent Waste and Abuse of Taxpayer Funds
3/11/2009 House Budget 210 Cannon, 10:30am 2010 Budget Budget Resolution for fiscal 2010
3/11/2009 House Financial Services 2128 Rayburn, 2:30pm Mortgage Lending Reform Mortgage Lending Reform: A Comprehensive Review of the American Mortgage System
3/12/2009 House Financial Services 2228 Rayburn, 10:00am Capital Markets Mark-to-Market Accounting
3/12/2009 House Financial Services 2220 Rayburn, 10:00am Iran Sanctions The Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2009
3/11/2009 Joint Joint Economic Committee  TBA TARP Hearing to examine Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) accountability and oversight, focusing on achieving transparency.
3/10/2009 Senate Judiciary  226 Dirksen, 10:00am Patent Reform Patent Reform in the 111th Congress: Legislation and Recent Court Decisions
3/10/2009 Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs 538 Dirksen, 10:30am Investor protection Hearing to examine enhancing investor protection and the regulation of securities markets.
3/10/2009 Senate Budget 608 Dirksen, 2:30pm 2010 Budget Hearing to examine the President's fiscal year 2010 budget proposal.
3/11/2009 Senate Budget 608 Dirksen, 10:00am 09 Budget Hearing to examine the President's proposed budget request for fiscal year 2009 for the Department of Energy.
3/12/2009 Senate Budget 608 Dirksen, 10:00am 2010 Budget Hearing to examine the President's fiscal year 2010 budget and revenue proposals.

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