Notaries to Provide Revolutionary Solution for Securing Signers' Electronic Identities

June 19, 2008

National Notary Association

In an important special announcement during Conference 2008, the National Notary Association in partnership with the Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), a Fortune 500 company, unveiled a unique partnership to offer the most secure and reliable Electronic Notary Seal (ENS™) for the nation’s 4.8 million Notaries.

The announcement marked the launch of a revolutionary solution to the challenges of securing a signer’s electronic identity beyond a single organization or government, as well as a unique new opportunity for Notaries. By combining a globally compliant technology developed by SAIC to provide the most secure and reliable ENS™ and the national network of trusted Notaries for its distribution by the NNA, Notaries for the first time will now provide higher assurance security to the electronic identities of signers, electronic documents and online communications than previous methods or systems achieved.

The landmark announcement was made during the National Notary Association’s 30th Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, by NNA President Milt Valera as officials from SAIC and nearly 1,000 dignitaries, delegates, and guests from 25 countries and 40 states looked on.

“This is a groundbreaking alliance that will result in even more innovative applications and Notary functions than ever before,” Valera said. “For the first time, some of the nation’s largest industries are relying on Notaries and the NNA to help secure millions of transactions and electronic communications annually,” launching a revolutionary new era of trust and security in electronic documents.

The upgraded ENS™ is universally recognized by industry and governments worldwide, including the Federal Bridge Certification Authority, the federal government’s electronic credential management power. It complies with European Union standards, guarantees legal admissibility of electronic documents and has far superior technology and issuance security than previous electronic Notary credentials.

It also empowers NNA Trusted Enrollment Agents™ — who identify corporate agents seeking electronic identity credentials — with higher levels of security and assurance, and increases the value and need for the nation’s Notaries in the digital economy. More than 400 Notaries from across the country were trained as NNA Trusted Enrollment Agents during Conference 2008.

The NNAoviding Notaries with a far more robust digital assurance level than previous technologies achieved.

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