LandAmerica Fraud Detection Program Helps Agent Partners Safeguard Revenues and Avoid Costly Fraud Claims

May 6, 2008

RICHMOND, Va., -- LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: LFG) is making its Fraud Detection Program, which helps the company's Agent Partners safeguard their business revenues and avoid potentially costly fraud claims litigation, available nationally for the first time. The program is being introduced nationwide after being successfully tested among Agent Partners in LandAmerica's Northwest Region of operations.

LandAmerica's Fraud Protection Program is the newest of 30 customized solutions delivered through the LandAmerica AgentXtra(SM) Program. For more than three years, this first-of-its-kind program has helped Agent Partners achieve business expansion, boost efficiency, utilize leading technologies and provide better customer service.

LandAmerica's Fraud Protection Program educates Agents Partners on how they can better identify and combat real estate and mortgage fraud. Agent Partners receive this training at no charge through LandAmerica's proprietary Fraud Detection Course. This online course can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and introduces, defines and reinforces the Watch, Wonder, Wave™ methodology for detecting fraud. The methodology teaches Agent Partners to Watch: to recognize red flags of potential deceptive conduct; Wonder: to trust intuition and explore whether the potential fraud may be explained as appropriate, without overreacting; and Wave: to engage supervisors, local counsel and management for guidance how to avoid involvement in potential fraud. The process is simple, easy to remember and can be readily implemented.

Source: LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc

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