Today at ALTA®'s 2008 Federal Conference

March 11, 2008

This morning at ALTA’s Federal Conference, attendees heard from several panels. The days forums were kicked off with a panel of three congressional staff members who gave their insiders view for the upcoming year, on issues that will affect the title industry. Their comments are not for public knowledge so only the attendees are could tell you what was said.

The second panel was candid session with State Regulators from California and Maryland that was chaired by Rich Carlton. Topics of conversation included the NAIC and the Top 10 insurance issues Maryland is looking at in the coming year.

The final panel before lunch was a open discussion of the proposed Uniform Closing Instructions. The panelists expressed their concerns about the proposed Instructions, an in-depth discussion about some of the constructive comments that have been given on the instructions; and a glimpse into future issues pertaining to Uniform Closing Instructions.

This years TIPAC speaker was political analyst, Amy Walter, who discussed the political trends facing both parties in the upcoming general election.

The afternoon sessions will feature a panel on Ethics and the Principles of Fair Conduct and two panel sessions on the proposed RESPA Rule.

Look for the final update on the Federal Conference about the Congressional Breakfast, the presentation by Housing Economist Jay Brinkmann, the Briefing by Members of Congress, and the Capitol Hill Luncheon with The Honorable Brian D. Montgomery of H.U.D. as the Guest Speaker.

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