TSS Software Releases AbstractExpress 3.1

January 7, 2008

Annapolis, MD- TSS Software Corporation (TSS), a national independent software provider dedicated exclusively to the settlement services industry, has release of AbstractExpress 3.1, its data management system for title abstractors. This version focuses on giving the title abstractor greater flexibility, particularly for those who work extensively in the field.

Users can export title orders to their laptops, work remotely from their primary systems at their main location, and e-mail information back and forth between the two sites. Additionally, users can key in information as they gather it and subsequently transfer the data in an e-mail friendly format or simply upload it when re-connected to the primary database.

"Abstractors have historically been underserved by technology," explains Tad Buck, Vice President of Sales. "AbstractExpress represents a leap into the 21st century for an industry that that has been far too impeded by manual processes and few efficient options for computerization."

AbstractExpress 3.1 eliminates time consuming file searches and the re- keying of information. In addition, it is compatible with Microsoft's Vista operating system and allows reports to be generated by using Microsoft Word for greater formatting capability. The program also includes system libraries that store property and subdivision data and the upgrade offers greatly enhanced search and tracking capabilities. This version was designed to be a commercial-grade, line-of-business application that automates the title abstracting process for a single user or an enterprise of several hundred users.

Source: TSS Software Corporation

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