Property Records Industry Association Presents Founders Award

August 9, 2007

Morrisville, N.C. – The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) presented the Carl R. Ernst Founders Award to outgoing association president, Mark A. Monacelli, in a surprise announcement made during the group’s 2007 Annual Conference held in Charlotte on July 21-24.

The PRIA Founders’ Award was created to honor an industry member who not only reflects the association’s core values, but who has provided proven, unparalleled leadership in addressing specific industry needs and standards.

As the recipient of the 2007 PRIA Founders Award, Monacelli stands out as one who has always demonstrated a commitment to resolving problems and improving processes within the property records industry. He has not looked for the easy answers, but always sought honest, forthright discussion and knowledge, seeking consensus for a better way. 

In 1998, as the Land Records Chair for National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC), he encouraged and supported the creation of the Property Records Industry Joint Task Force (PRIJTF). He was an active member of the task force technology committee, participating in the development of the first paper on eRecording issued in February 2002.

As chair of the task force organizational issues committee, he guided the move of the organization’s work from a task force status to a permanent not-for-profit corporation, PRIA, and was named preliminary president in 2002. When the first official elections were held at PRIA’s July 2003 Annual Conference, PRIA members elected him as a director and the board re-elected him as PRIA president. 

Monacelli has devoted countless hours, logged voluminous sky miles and expended tremendous personal energy to ensure PRIA’s success. Through his leadership, industry alliances have been created, alliances that now work together to develop national standards for the property records industry.

Under his guidance, the Property Records Education Partners (PREP) was created and there are now PREP Chapters in 20 states. PREP Chapters are developed to improve relationships between local industry partners, both government and business sectors.

The industry is enjoying the positive results and good relationships gained through Monacelli’s vision, leadership and commitment to the effort. Industry members at both the national and local levels now see themselves as industry “partners,” not adversaries.

The presentation was made by Carl R. Ernst, the award’s namesake, who said, “Monacelli has demonstrated leadership at the highest level of integrity. PRIA would not be where it is today without his knowledgeable, dedicated and inspirational leadership.” 

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