Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Adopts Mortgage Industry Electronic Commerce Standards

April 13, 2006

ADDISON, Texas --(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. has received certification from MISMO for its credit platforms, which give instant and direct access to credit bureau data. DMS credit platforms connect loan origination systems to the credit bureaus.

MISMO, a non-profit subsidiary of the Mortgage Bankers Association, develops, promotes and maintains voluntary electronic commerce standards for the mortgage industry. DMS has become one of only six companies nationwide to offer MISMO-compliant XML architecture for credit data responses. The certification applies to DMS credit platforms that are hosted by DMS or used at a client's location.

"Our company recognizes the mortgage industry's growing need for products that are MISMO-compliant," said David McGough, president of DMS. "Support of the MISMO standards will allow DMS to provide more service within the industry, offering seamless integration between almost any mortgage lending system and our credit platforms' robust features." DMS credit platforms support individual, joint, and merged credit requests and responses from the credit bureaus.

In addition to adopting and implementing MISMO voluntary electronic data standards across its credit platforms, DMS received MXCompliance Certification for Credit Response version 2.3.1. For information, visit

Source: Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

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