Ginnie Mae Revises the Document Custodian Manual

December 21, 2004

The updated requirements clarify a number of processes and eliminate redundancies. Highlights of the changes to the Manual include:

  • Form HUD 11708 (revised 07/2003) – change in release code definitions
  • Disaster recovery plan – expands scope of plan
  • Fire-resistant storage – change in requirements
  • Insurance coverage requirements – clarification of requirements
  • Quality control program – new requirement
  • Good Standing – new requirement
  • Certification – changes to requirements relating to form HUD 11715, notes, intervening assignments, security instruments, and title policies
  • Forms – HUD 11702, 11706, 11708, 11711B, 11715, and global changes regarding electronic and hard copy requirements
  • Consolidation, Extension and Modification Agreement (“CEMA”) – clarification of requirements

SourceL Ginnie Mae

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