Brochures In Spanish Explain Title Insurance

December 13, 2001

Washington, DC– Explaining the value of title insurance is difficult in any language. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has just made it a bit easier for people who speak Spanish. Two of ALTA’s most popular consumer brochures, "Why Title Insurance?" and "House of Cards," have been translated into Spanish. Housing studies have shown that more Spanish-speaking consumers are purchasing houses, and these brochures are designed to help them understand one of the most mis-understood aspects of the home buying process.

The brochures explain the two types of title insurance – lender’s and owner’s -- and which one specifically protects the consumer. They discuss the title search process, and types of problems that title insurance protects against. Consumers can obtain owner’s title insurance for a one-time fee at closing, and in some states, it is offered automatically. In others, consumers need to ask for it. Owner’s title insurance protects the owner for as long as he or his heirs have interest in the property.

"With the increase in homebuyers among the Hispanic population, we felt that the information in these brochures would be very helpful," said James R. Maher, Executive Vice President of ALTA. We highly recommend that consumers purchase owner’s title insurance when purchasing a house or property. In most cases, the title company fixes any problems with the title before issuing title insurance, however, there are problems that can arise later, so it’s better to be covered."

To obtain a free copy of "Why Title Insurance" and "House of Cards," send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: American Land Title Association, 1828 L Street, N.W., Suite 705, Washington, DC 20036. Please specify English or Spanish.

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