Rynoh Unveils Account Verification Service

January 11, 2024

Rynoh released a new account verification service that allows title and escrow agents to confirm critical account information before sending a wire transaction.

The service is available to clients and new customers as part of Rynoh’s bundled services, including: automated escrow reconciliation, escheatment, operation account management, and now account verifications.

RynohVerifi aims to help simplify the complex and highly regulated account verification process. Assisting clients to stay protected against fraud and monitoring the disbursement of daily funds.

“Preventing wire fraud is a top priority for everyone involved in real estate transactions,” said Jim Weld, Rynoh general manager. “We are excited to launch this valuable platform as it provides fraud protection and banking integration services for our clients. We are committed to working with our clients and industry partners to make the real estate closing as safe and secure as possible. This service is just one more way that Rynoh helps our clients manage their escrow accounts, eliminate compliance risk, and provide a robust funding environment. This launch is a great example of how our team is continuing to develop new products to support our clients needs for the challenges of tomorrow.”

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