ALTA Insights: How to Have Difficult Workplace Conversations

December 14, 2023

Having tough employee conversations is one of the most dreaded tasks faced by leaders and managers. Most managers readily admit that the path of least resistance is avoidance, and how many of us have been guilty of “hoping” the behavior corrects itself, but it never does. This ALTA Insights webinar provides the verbiage and a strategic game plan to proactively address minor problems before they become big issues.

In this highly interactive webinar, you will:

  • Understand the sobering cost of unaddressed, poor workplace behaviors
  • Appreciate that leaders who proactively, and directly, address sticky situations build high-trust cultures, which attracts and retains high-performers
  • Take a brief leadership survey to self-assess your “go to” communication style
  • Learn key strategies and communication skills critical for having effective, tough conversations
  • Have opportunities to apply key skills to a common workplace scenario(s)


  • Steve Rudolph | Founder | Steve Rudolph Coaching

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