WFG Deploys Milestones to Deliver Value After Closing

December 12, 2023

Williston Financial Group (WFG) is now integrated with the homeowner engagement platform Milestones.

“WFG has long pursued its ‘customer-for-life’ goal with repeat and referral customers,” said Dustin Gray, CEO of Milestones. “WFG places a premium on relationships and the use of technology to enhance those relationships beyond the transaction in meaningful ways.”

Milestones integrates a suite of consumer features into the home management experience, offering resources within its portals for understanding home value and building wealth, scheduling home maintenance, maintaining a directory of local home repair professionals and much more.

“Best of all, the client is a click or a call away from the team that helped them buy the home. Their agent, lender, and title professionals are embedded inside the hub so that clients can easily access them for anything they need,” Gray said.

With the introduction of Milestones’ functionality, WFG’s real estate agent and lender clients, and the consumers they serve, will experience enhanced efficiency, transparency and engagement.

“We are enthusiastic to partner with Milestones,” said Justin Tucker, executive vice president and director of strategic initiatives for WFG. “The alignment is completely in sync with our focus on enhancing the customer experience, continually adding value, and staying connected to all parties long after a closing takes place.  It’s never the wrong decision to do something that benefits our customers, and Milestones will help us do that.”

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