Wholesale Title Solutions Integrates With Resware

November 21, 2023

Wholesale Title Solutions (WTS) has a new integration with Resware.

The integration eliminates the need for re-keying by automatically populating the closing platform. WTS's Direct Data solutions platform will now be fully integrated into Resware as a partner integration.

WTS uses its proprietary Direct Data platform to deliver title search solutions. The company provides a direct link to courthouse resources.

"This partnership will significantly decrease turnaround between abstractors and closing services, leading to a much-improved customer experience on all fronts," said Bryan Marion, founder and CEO of Direct Title Solutions. "The integration of Wholesale Title Solutions' platform with Resware is a huge step-up in efficiency and is a much-needed step forward in our mission to modernize the dated approach that exists within so much of the title industry."

Resware, which is a product of Qualia, enables companies to automate the closing transaction process.

"Resware partners provide crucial connections and efficiency gains that title professionals can leverage throughout the course of a transaction," said Max Lamb, senior director of business development at Qualia Labs Inc. "We look forward to further enhancing the closing process with the Wholesale Title Solutions team."

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