Snag Your Last Chance to See ALTA ONE 2023!

November 1, 2023

ALTA ONE Recordings are Now Available

By now you’ve likely heard about the awesome speakers at ALTA ONE 2023 and are wishing you were there. Get ready to forget the FOMO: ALTA ONE recordings and materials are now available for purchase! For one price, you have the opportunity to watch all of the 2023 Omni Sessions and Notables in the comfort of your home or office—or on the go.

Grab this offer today before some sessions disappear! Please be aware that, per speaker contracts, Terry Bradshaw’s video will expire on Nov. 12, and Rahaf Harfoush’s video will expire on Jan. 12. Once purchased, your access to all other recordings in the package will not expire.

ALTA members enjoy a discounted rate of $149; non-members can access the recordings for $349. Registered attendees of ALTA ONE 2023 have complimentary access to all recordings and materials. This offer is not open to members of the media.

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—remains the same: Learn how to protect the title insurance industry from outside forces. Between the reemergence of title insurance alternatives, the advance of the GSEs’ mission creep and current economic conditions, it feels like the title industry is in the middle of a high-wire act. Now it’s time to light the fuse and flip the switch: Whether in person or online, ALTA ONE is the perfect place to discover big, innovative ideas that will help us safeguard our customers and uncover a path forward for our businesses.

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